• ViSiGi 3D: Witness This

    Decompress, Delineate, Dissect. Watch as ViSiGi 3D Revolutionizes the Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure!

    ViSiGi 3D: Witness This
  • Introducing ViSiGi 3D!

    The sizing and calibration system intended specifically to enhance and upgrade the quality and efficiency of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy procedures!

    Introducing ViSiGi 3D!
  • Sleeve With Confidence

    ViSiGi 3D : Designed from the ground up to improve the visualization of the calibration device used for sleeve gastrectomy.

    Sleeve With Confidence
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Surgeon Testimonial - I believe that the ViSiGi device is invaluable when performing sleeve gastrectomies. Prior to switching to the ViSiGi, I was using a lighted bougie. However, the time it took to properly insert the orogastric tube, then remove the tube, insert the bougie, remove the bougie and insert an orogastric tube was excessive. The decompression of the stomach achieved with the ViSiGi is superior to that with an orogastric tube. I believe that the delineation of the staple line will help to decrease the chance of staple line leaks. Finally, the distention of the stomach achieved during the leak test is superior. I particularly appreciate the fact the pressure created is standardized and quantifiable.Dr. Lisa Dobruskin  dobruskin_lisa Co-Director of Metabolic and Bariatric SurgeryUniversity Medical Center of Princeton

Surgeon Testimonial - We have been using the ViSiGi system regularly in our surgeries as it helps to better delineate the gastric area to be transected. This translates into a safer procedure as we are always aware of the location of the calibration system, making it almost impossible to accidentally staple through it. Dr. Leonard Claros  claros-leonardo Chief of Bariatric Section, Director of the Bariatric and Weight Management ProgramSt. Luke's Hospital in Allentown

Surgeon Testimonial - ViSiGi 3D made my sleeve cases much easier. No more hassle in deflating the stomach. No more trouble in positioning and repositioning the tube. I like it and recommend it to all surgeons, it will save you time in the OR for sure. Dr. Ahmad Bashir  635228860339387801Minimally Invasive Surgery and Bariatric SurgeonGastrointestinal Bariatric & Metabolic Center (GMBC), Jordan


Surgeon Testimonial - This is a very practical device that helps in the armentarium of the busy bariatric surgeon. Combination of an adequately sized bougie with the ability for suction and testing under calibrated pressure.Dr. Leon Katz  792665_GDirector of Minimally Invasive and Bariatric SurgeryCrozer-Chester Medical Center


Surgeon Testimonial - I have been very happy using the ViSiGi for my sleeve gastrectomy procedures. It is very easy to use and greatly simplifies the whole process of getting the bougie in the correct location and keeping it in place. It has saved me valuable time during my cases and stays in the correct location throughout my procedure. In addition, when I want to test my sleeve for leaks, the ViSiGi can be used without having to place another tube down saving more time and is safer to use. Dr. Richard D. Ing, MD  BrynMawr_BlogPost_Jan10Director, The Bariatric CenterBryn Mawr Hospital, Main Line Health

Surgeon Testimonial - It (ViSiGi) is definitely better than the bougie. It's so easy that a PA/intern can do it. ViSiGi is a wonderful product with many favorable attributes and now with air leak test, we won't have any more smurf patients! Dr. Paayal P. Mehta & Team  mehta Director, Richard B. Rubenstein, MD Center for Bariatric SurgeryPeconic Bay Medical Center

Surgeon Testimonial - The suction feature of ViSiGi does a great job of stabilizing the gastric tissue. This allows for more precise serial firing of the stapler leading to a well formed sleeve.Dr. Eric Edwards  Edwards2 Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery St. Mary Medical Center



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   ViSiGi 3D: New Age    Calibration System

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